The Flamingo Charlie Dress

This dress has been a long time coming since I spotted the flamingo fabric in an Instagram post. I've been waiting months for the newest collection of Charley Harper Maritime fabric from Birch Fabrics to arrive. I love the quilt market fabric previews but then we have to wait seasons for the fabric to arrive. It kills me. 

I've always been a big fan of the illustrator Charley Harper and his mid-century modern art. His art lends itself way to fabric design and I was quickly on board with Birch's first collection of fabrics. We're still getting a lot of wear out of our Penguin dress. And I probably should have splurged for the foxes. But I'm glad I held out for the flamingos because they are really as cute as I had hoped.

I love how this dress turned out. It is so simple yet so satisfying. And it just made cosmic sense to make a Charlie dress with Charley fabric. You'll be seeing more of this dress in the future. It lends well to bigger prints because of its long torso. Check out this awesome version my friends Hungie Gungie made a while back. Love it!

This is the first time I tried out Birch's double gauze fabric. After one wash it's not quite as soft as I expected but it actually makes the ruffle pop in a really cool way. I really dig the unexpected bounce of the skirt. It also inspires Curly Sue to spin in circles until she stumbles. That's always fun to watch.

Photo by  Jennifer Wiese

Confession: I cut this dress upside down the first go-around. I didn't notice until I was half way through that the birds were flying on their backs. Ugh. Could have done without that. Fortunately I overbought the fabric and was able to re-cut, but man, that was a 10 pm cutting flub.

Photo by  Jennifer Wiese

I love this rare picture of me and my little lady. Since I'm always behind the camera, I never catch these moments. I'm so thankful Jen did. She not only lent us the Workroom Social studio to hang out and shoot pictures, but she snuck around taking pictures of us taking pictures. She's a keeper. This is also a funny reminder of how different we look. Curly Sue obviously got the Irish genetics in our family.

Photo by  Jennifer Wiese

Pattern: The Charlie dress is designed by Mingo and Grace. It's a very easy pattern that went together fast. Instant satisfaction.

Fabric: Double Gauze flamingo fabric from Birch Fabrics' Charley Harper Maritime collection.

Modifications: My gal is an average 3 year old in height and weight. I cut a size 2 body with size 4 length. I wanted it to be a little more drop-waisted. I cut a size 3 ruffle to keep the length. I figured if it was too long, I could hem it shorter, although I didn't. I plan to make another Charlie next month for a wedding and I plan on cutting a size 18 month body with the other modifications staying the same.

Thanks for coming back after a bit of a blogging hiatus. Spring is inspiring us to get moving on some warm weather outfits so hopefully we'll be posting more.

The Josie Dress and Contours- A combination that was meant to be

Oh man, winter has officially arrived in Brooklyn. It is cold, and all it has me thinking about is warmer climates. Every year we hem and haw about how we should have booked a vacation in the dead of winter, and this year we did! It's one month and counting until we head to Florida and I'm all in on some fun dresses.

I've been holding on to this fabric from P&B Textiles for a few months now. When I first saw the full Contours line last fall, I really fell in love with the colors. I've been trying to be more mindful about the clothes I make and working towards a uniform vs. just sewing to sew. I'm a big fan of grey so a lot of the clothes you'll be seeing will have a grey tone to it. This is my fun version of a grey dress. This print is great!

About a month ago Christine Haynes released a set of patterns with Sew News and it was just the warm weather dress I had been waiting for. She'd been hinting at some new patterns with cute pictures for a while and I was crossing my fingers for either the perfect sheath dress or a fun sundress. Ask and you shall receive. This Josie Sundress is exactly what I wanted. And there are pockets. Pockets!!

I love these unique bust darts. I'm small busted (A-/B+) so a small dart works well for me. And the box pleat at center front is a nice design feature that gives the dress a lot of movement without adding too much fullness. I followed the size chart religiously and the dress fit perfect. Literally no changes. Thanks Christine!

I usually don't do muslins but I've been busted recently with some ill-fitting garments that ended up in the back of the closet. These darts were just different enough that I made up a quick top that I could baste to the pleated skirt. Of course it fit perfectly, but I guess that's Murphy's law. It did give me the confidence to go full steam and finish the dress knowing that I would love it on (and I do!) I also wore a black bra so I could determine if the neckline was too wide (it wasn't).

I'm a bit skiddish on invisible zippers mostly because I never put them in. But I bought a invisible zipper foot over the break and it worked like a charm (duh!). This was my first pass so I'm feeling pretty good about it going in and the waistline lining up. I highly recommend purchasing an invisible zipper. It will save you from hours of seam ripping and cursing.

Here's a quick side view if you were wondering. Even though there are several big pleats, it's not a bulky skirt. It's quite slimming.

This is how cold it is. FREEZING! I hid it well. My little dude kept on trying to sneak into the pictures. There was no time for games.

There's a giveaway!! I'm super excited to give away 3 yards of the light grey version of my dress. The colors of the Contours line are really lovely and can be used for so many things: dresses, nursery, quilts, pillows. I'm really a big fan. Click on rafflecopter to enter. The winner will be announced next Tuesday. Good Luck!

Editor's Note: This dress fabric was provided to me by P&B Textiles for free, but all opinions are my own.

Hawthorne Threads Forest Fables Blog Hop

I've been thinking about making the Franklin dress into a nightgown for a while now. So when Lindsay of Hawthorne Threads asked me to participate in the Forest Fables blog hop I thought this would be a perfect opportunity. And of course my sleeping beauty would need a fancy new hippo to cuddle with her. So I got the chance to try out a few new fabrics from Forest Fables.

I met Lindsay and her sidekick Meaghan at Camp Workroom Social and was lucky enough to view all their fabric collections at a trunk show. Besides being an online fabric store, they also design and sell their own collections of digitally printed fabric. They have a beautiful aestethic and an eye for soft and modern color schemes. Something I gravitate to.

And I'm completely intrigued by the concept of digital printing and wanted to get my hands on some to see how it looks, washes and feels. Spoiler alert: It's great! They print all the fabric on demand in their shop which means it will never go out of print. They print only as much is ordered so they don't have to hold inventory. And because it's digital, the fabric designs can be very detailed in ways I haven't seen before.

The Forest Fables collection offers a color palette I'm really drawn to. I love the colors indigo and gold and they look fantastic together here. The design on my fabric is a whimsical mix of swans and foxes. It's really sweet and sassy for my Curly Sue.

When the fabric first arrives, it's a bit stiff from the combination of printing and the high thread count of the fabric. Hawthorne Threads encourages you to wash the fabric which I did and it greatly improves the flow of the fabric. And I was really happy to see that the color didn't fade one bit on a hot wash and dry cycle.

I really like how the Franklin dress can double as a nightgown. I lenghtened the sleeves to Curly Sue's wrists and opted not to use elastic so it wouldn't bother her arms as she slept. It's loose around the neck and right below the knees which makes a comfortable and easy nightdress. Plus she can throw on leggings when she wakes up and go straight to the playground. I wish my wardrobe was that easy!

Curly Sue has not let go of Henrietta Hippo since she first set eyes on her. In fact, she was quite adept at stuffing her. I just sat her down with a big bag of poly-fill and she meticulously stuffed each appendage and body. This pattern by Lucy Blaire is adorable and really easy to make. I definitely see some Henrietta baby gifts in the future.

I'm kicking off a week of fabulous bloggers having fun with this great new fabric as part of the Hawthorne Threads Forest Fables Blog Hop. Follow these lovely ladies and check out all the great ways to use this fabric.

Monday, December 7th - Brooklyn Pattern Co.

Tuesday, December 8th - Clover and Violet

Wednesday, December 9th - Taylor Made

Thursday, December 10th - Film in the Fridge

Friday, December 11th - Hawthorne Threads

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who read the blog and commented about their holiday plans. So much cookie making and family hugging. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

The winner of the Forest Fables giveaway is Erin from My Patchwork Life. Congrats Erin and enjoy!!

I buried the lead! There is a big giveaway. I'm giving away a fat quarter bundle of Forest Fables in the Glade color scheme. That's a lot of fabric! All you have to do is leave a comment! Tell me where you're spending the holidays and you're entered. That's it! On Monday, December 14, I'll pick one winner. Good Luck!

Guest Blogger: Sewing with Kate hacks the Henry

I'm so excited to introduce my first ever guest blogger, Sewing with Kate. We were first introduced last spring during the Henry testing and we quickly became virtual friends. I really admire her unique aesthetic of mixing lobsters and chambray. She's got a wonderful eye for vintage threads and simple outlines. And I honestly just enjoy her positive view on life. I'm a huge fan!

And she's a huge fan of the Henry dress. She's made multiple Henrys, all cuter than the next. Then she outdid herself by hacking the dress into a skirt (and making a doll size version too!). I was so thrilled I asked her to write a tutorial for her hack and she graciously agreed. So we're in business. Check it out here!


And if a cool tutorial with vintage fabric isn't enough, she's giving away a Henry dress pattern on her blog. You have no reason not to check it out. Go, now!

Henry meets Leah Duncan's Yucca

When I heard Leah Duncan was designing for Cloud9 Fabrics, I gave a little squeal. I've always felt a kinship with her fabric because of her NYC inspired Gramercy and desert inspired Morning Walk. They remind me of my hometown and my first love Santa Fe. I'm smitten. So when Cloud9 gave me a sneak peek of her new fabrics for Quilt Market samples I gave a bigger squeal. Who doesn't want to be on the inside?!

I cooked up a Henry dress in Manu Forest, a large print voile for the Quilt Market debut. I really love this dress and its huge pockets. It's a fun and fast make.  And I gave my model flowers to fend off the paparazzi. We can be relentless.

In their own words "Leah Duncan's Yucca was inspired by the tropical regions of Mexico and South America festive palette and nature inspired prints tell a story of sun-filled days surrounded by flora and beauty." The whole collection is a little more abstract then past collections and I like that.

I love working with voile for kids' clothes because it's a bit of a chameleon. It can be flowy and soft when needed. But it holds up well for a slightly more structured garment. This fabric almost felt like double gauze. It was lovely to work with and showcases the Henry dress well.

Voile lends itself great to sleeve puffs, gathers and pleats. I think the Henry sleeve would agree with me on that.

Image Credit: Cloud9 Fabrics

Image Credit: Cloud9 Fabrics

Unfortunately you'll have to wait until spring for this fabric to hit the shelves. That's a long winter of waiting. If you really wanted, you could use the fabric in your stash, right?!

Note: This fabric was provided to me by Cloud9 Fabrics, but the opinions in this blog are all my own. Admittedly, I rarely have bad opinions about fabric.

Kollabora: Meet the Maker

I'm really excited to be Kollabora's Meet the Maker this week. I love everything on Kollabora and my only complaint is that I spend all my time looking at beautiful projects and completely ignore every other thing I need to be doing. It's an awesome community for all makers to be inspired and share their projects. You can see our brand page and my personal pages here.

I've just returned from Camp Workroom Social and I it surpassed all my expectations and more. I can't wait to share stories and pictures soon of my fantastic class, inspiring ladies and gorgeous scenery. This weekend really got the wheels turning and I'm excited to start working on new projects. Stay tuned!

The Franklin's music video debut

We're really excited to see the Franklin dress making its big time debut in the enchanting Aoife O'Donvan's new music video, The Magic Hour. Her latest album will be released in January but the first single has debuted and we are so excited to see our dress in the opening scene.

Our own Brookyn babe miss M looked so sweet on set in her Franklin dress with modified short sleeves. I'm loving her wide-eyed curiosity in the video as she reads a book. She's actually this sweet in real life!

Thanks to Kim, Kat and Sarah for making this happen. What a fun surprise for us!

Homestead Fabric Blog Hop

I'm so excited to be participating in Birch Fabrics Homestead fabric Blog Hop introducing a new organic fabric line of cottons and knits by Emily Isabella. I've really been into knits as of late and I was more than happy to make a few new things for Curly Sue for the fall. And the truth is, it's really easy to dress a 2 year old when their clothes have piggies on them.

Homestead tunic

I've made several things with Birch fabrics for Curly Sue and I really love the weight of their knits. They're just a bit heavier than normal so they are easy to work with and make a nice weighted fall shirt or dress. I made a Charley Harper knit dress this summer and it has washed and worn so nicely.

Homestead tunic

For this outfit I used the Oliver + S Field Trip raglan t-shirt and lengthened the pattern into a tunic. While the piggies themselves are a salmon color, the tiny flowers are bold and inspired me to use dark orange and navy as contrasting fabrics.

Homestead tunic back

I'm a big fan of raglan sleeves and I think a tunic is a nice compromise between a dress and a shirt for my gal.

Homestead tunic sleeve

The leggings were self drafted and the Converse were hand-me-downs from my bestie's daughter. You'll be seeing a lot of her shoes in the future!

Homestead leggings

She's dancing to the music in her head. Gets that from her mama.

Homestead outfit

Curly Sue's tunic took up almost no fabric so I decided to make a pair of piggie leggings for a second outfit. She loves the piggies which means no struggle to get her to wear the clothes I make her. Plus leggings are so easy breezy it's a crime.

Homestead leggings

The tunic is another quick self draft. A simple top with no sleeve seam. A slightly gathered skirt with the last bits of navy knit fabric that I had left. All seams turned up and finished. This tunic is probably getting the most use of everything I made because the navy goes with a lot of our existing leggings.

Homestead leggings

If this picture could talk it would say, you promised me doughnuts, where are they?

Homestead leggings

I love how soft the leggings are. Such a great addition to our fall/winter wardrobe.

Homestead leggings

I just ordered the doughnut in this picture. Oh how she loves her mama (and doughnuts).

Homestead donut

Did you think my 2 year old just smiled and looked cute because she's an angel? Hah! She was promised a certain doughnut from Elsie's and she housed it before I could barely get a few bites in. She's no dummy. Nobody works for free around here.

Homestead knits

Birch Fabrics is holding a phenomenal giveaway with 22 ways to win. How can you not enter?! The winner receives 1 yard of every print in either cotton poplin or knit. Go ahead. Start entering!

Want more inspiration?! Check out this line-up of awesome blogs doing the hop with me.

9/21: Birch Fabrics Blog
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10/5: Simple Simon and Co.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope you were inspired to start working on your fall and winter wardrobe.

The Imprint knit dress

After a fun but crazy spring, I decided to take a break and do what I love most: patterning and sewing. I've been messing around with new fabrics and old patterns and having fun just sewing for me and my little lady. This is just a short post about a dress pattern I've been tweaking to find the perfect dress for my girl.

Imprint knit dress

A few months back I drafted a basic knit dress for Curly Sue for Kid's Clothes Week. I combined an H&M dress and an American Apparel dress trying to find my perfect dress. And I did pretty well. I loved how the dress turned out with its great fabric and gathered skirt but ultimately I think the top was just a tad too big.

KCW Penguin dress

I couldn't let it alone so I tried again with this new dress. I saw this new knit fabric by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics and I was immediately smitten. I love the rich tones and the abstract print of her Imprint collection and I totally impulse bought from Imagine Gnats. No regrets. It's as fun as I had hoped it would be. The knit is a little more lightweight than the Penguin dress but just as easy to work with.

Imprint knit dress flowers

I left the skirt as is because it was the perfect length and fullness. No complaints. I slimmed out the top by taking a 1/4" off the center front seam which then brought the shoulders in a nip. I also raised the neckline by a 1/2" because it felt like it was gaping a bit on the Penguin dress. Overall I'm happy with the alterations but it now might be a tad too tight now. Never satisfied!

Imprint knit dress

I also scooped out the back armhole by 1/4" so I could show a little more shoulder. I love a racerback dress and this is nowhere near that now but I imagine version 7 will probably just be a knit Bedford dress.

Imprint knit dress

I really like the dark trim outlining the dress so I used the same navy knit to trim out the neck and armholes for a professional finish. I changed out the double needle stitch for a simple zig zag on this dress because it was a little easier and frankly, my machine was being tempermental. It's good to know that both look good and are easily interchangable.

Imprint knit dress

Overall I love this dress. And so does Curly Sue. Anything that moves great and washes well is a win in my book. She played all evening in the dress and once the photos were over she promptly joined a mud pie pit for a Sunday evening slosh fest. Oh how I love this girl.

Does the idea of drafting and tweaking your own dresses sound fun to you?! I'll be teaching a class next fall that will make you so happy. It's a 2 day intensive course in the Catskill Mountains. At Camp Workroom Social you'll be surrounded by nature, fellow sewing geeks and a who's who of sewing experts-Christine Haynes, Jen from Grainline Studio, Fleur of Maison Fleur, Sonja of Ginger Makes, Heather of Closet Case Files-just to name a few. We'll delve into the details of high end sewing, making a dress, the Hudson pants and learning how to draft patterns like a pro, all for the kids in your life. Come join me!

Alice in Wonderland turns 150!

After finishing up my own blog tour last week, I'm super excited to let someone else take the reigns. And I'm even more excited that it's Sara from Made by Sara. She came up with the fantastic idea of hosting a tour to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. She's been so amazing to me I couldn't say no (nor did I want to.)

Alice In Wonderland romper

I have wanted to make Curly Sue a romper all summer and so this tour coincided perfectly with the release of Purl Soho's new romper pattern. I had been looking at other patterns and trying to tweak a few designs but couldn't quite find exactly what I envisioned. And then Purl Soho answered all my problems with a FREE pattern. Yippee!

Alice in Wonderland romper

I wanted to make something inspired by Alice but still wearable all summer long by my little lady. I wandered into a random fabric store in NYC that had a wall full of small and large ginghams in every color of the rainbow that reminded of me of the sweet and simple Alice. The first gentleman quoted me $7/yd and $6 if I pay cash (a common practice in NY), but the gentleman who checked me out charged me $5. So friends, you are looking at a $5 romper! (I used my own elastic).

Alice in Wonderland romper

I love the simplicity of this romper. It's an easy pattern with sweet details. The essence of Alice in Wonderland is curiosity and a romper lends itself perfectly to the adventurous spirit of children.

Alice in Wonderland romper

I took Curly Sue and her brother up to Central Park in hopes of getting some great pictures in front of the Alice in Wonderland statue inside the park. The timing wasn't great and I didn't realize it was a tourist destination for photo ops. So we settled for pictures near the Conservatory Water which ended up being a far better choice on a hot summer day.

Alice in Wonderland Central Park

I also didn't realize how darn creepy the statue was. I think Curly Sue was a little scared by the characters and the enormous mushrooms. It's probably better we found a breezy spot in the woods. I had to do some creative editing to cut out the group of friends taking a picture with a selfie stick.

Alice in Wonderland Central Park

If you are in Central Park, I do recommend checking it out. It's definitely interesting and surrounded by a lot of other great places including the Metropolitan Museum just a few blocks north.

Alice in Wonderland swimsuit

I couldn't stop at just one outfit for this fun blog tour. I originally was thinking a bathing suit would be fun, a little different than my usual, and perfect for our beach trip. I wanted to play around a bit with red and black and white and found this polka dot spandex for an utter steal ($1.50!!!). I'd seen a few swim suits being made on Instagram and I figured I'd give it a shot.

Alice in Wonderland swimsuit

Without getting too character specific, I was inspired by the queen of hearts. These outfits are the sweet and sassy of Curly Sue. The dainty lady in the woods and the fiery pistol in the water.

Alice in Wonderland swimsuit

Against my usual personal style, I went with a ruffle butt suit. I'm not much for ruffles in general, but the small ruffle bustle was a fun take on a basic suit so I went for it!

Alice in Wonderland swimsuit

I used Sew Pony's Cosi swimsuit pattern which is a nice jumping off point for other designs. It comes with a variety of versions and I used the skirted suit for my own take. Instead of a gathered skirt, I cut circle ruffles using a cereal bowl as my guide. I prefer the softer flow of a circle ruffle and you can play with dimension depending on how big your circular object is. For the bottom ruffle on the suit I used a much smaller circle to get more ruffle per inch. I was experimenting as I went and am pretty happy with the outcome. Here's a fun Flamenco website that goes into detail about circular vs. gathered ruffles.

Alice in Wonderland swimsuit

This was a super fun tour to be on and already a few days in, I'm wowed by all the different inspiration that has come from this story. As I did some research of my own I found two fun sites that really stuck out to me.

* The best illustrated Alice In Wonderland books as chosen by Brain Pickings. My favorite by far being the version by Japanese illustrator Yayoi Kusama.

* The 2003 Vogue fashion spread shot by Annie Leibovitz and featuring the who's who of couture designers and a stunning Alice.

And of course here's the amazing line-up for the week. Grab a cup of coffee and check out all the great dresses and projects by this awesome crew.

Monday July 13th ||  Kid Approved  |  Call Ajaire
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Wednesday July 15th ||  Sewpony  | As It Seams 
Thursday July 16th ||  Boy, oh Boy, oh Boy Crafts  |  Brooklyn Pattern Co.  |  Pienkel
Friday July 17th  ||  While She Was Sleeping  |  Girl Like The Sea
Saturday July 18th || Falafel and the Bee  |  Huisje Boompje Boofjes  |  A Jennuine Life
Sunday July 19th ||  Paisley Roots  |  La Inglesita  |  DoGuincho
Monday July 20th ||  Nearest The Pin  |  Falafel and the Bee (2)

Do not miss out on this absurd giveaway. You have up to 14 chances to win enough sewing patterns to last you through next year. Don't hesitate! This is to good to be true!

And finally, I'll be teaching a class next fall that will make you so happy. It's a 2 day intensive course in the Catskill Mountains. At Camp Workroom Social you'll be surrounded by nature, fellow sewing geeks and a who's who of sewing experts-Christine Haynes, Jen from Grainline Studio, Fleur of Maison Fleur, Sonja of Ginger Makes, Heather of Closet Case Files-just to name a few. We'll delve into the details of high end sewing, making a dress, the Hudson pants and learning how to draft patterns like a pro, all for the kids in your life. You do not want to miss it!

My Sweet Sunshine Studio and me!

I had an extra spot pop up on the tour and instead of pressuring some nice soul to help me out in a pinch I decided to join in myself. Lord knows I have enough Henry dress samples in my studio. And it turns out I know tons of cool Brooklyn cats who are willing to spend an afternoon with me roaming around the raddest park in Brooklyn.

I love the ease of the Henry dress for adolescent girls. Miss Z is seven and she's getting to an age where she doesn't want toddler clothes but she's too young for teen clothes. I really like that the Henry dress makes her feel sophisticated but let's her still be a kid. She can run and play and get crazy at the park, and then her mom can take her to a family reunion and she looks and feels mature and sweet (and her mom approves.)

To answer your question whether this sheath dress has movement, here is miss Z demonstrating her block jumping skills. The short answer is yes, the Henry dress is made for romping.

Every kids loves pockets. In fact, most adults I know love pockets. These pockets are big and comfy and can hold a ton of stuff. Or just make you look cool like miss Z is doing here. The sleeves are my favorite design element and I plan on incorporating them into some of my own clothes. They look complicated, but they are actually quite easy to make.

As a sidenote, these pictures don't even scratch the surface of how cool this play area is. After Hurricane Sandy did some serious damage to Brooklyn and notably Prospect Park, they gathered the downed tress and put together an exploration park made of entirely tree stumps and branches. It's a forest of magic and make believe and I am so grateful it's blocks from our house.

The fabric I used here is from a bolt of remnant fabric that my friend gave me from her fashion line. I have enough to make one for every Von Trapp child so don't be surprised if you see it again. It's a medium weight cotton that washes well and was really easy to work with. Miss Z is a size 7 and age 7. I shortened the dress a wee more than the pattern called for but otherwise the sizing was great. 

And last but by no means least, I'm happy to share the Bedford top (yes, it's a top too!) from Alexis of My Sweet Sunshine Studio. I really like Alexis' tour stop because she takes the Bedford in a totally different direction and nails it. If you've seen her blog (and you should really check it out) she has such a strong sense of her own style which can be seen in everything she makes. In fact so much so, she was just named a new designer for Violette Field Threads. Her sewing skills are also spot on with her pattern matching and pom-pom shorts. And let's not forget the head dress from Little Sparrow Bows. Her daughter can safely be called a fashionista. She owns this look.

A HUGE thank you to every one of my blog tour participants. This was an amazing week of creative genius and unique style. I'm sad to see it end, but happy to head off on vacation. For a few more days you can enjoy 20% in the shop with the coupon code: SUMMERFUN15.

Also a huge thanks to you for joining us along the way. I hope you were inspired to create something great this summer. I know I am!


DoGuincho and Edith and Eloise

Is it Friday already?! I can't believe how fast the week has gone and how many amazing Henry and Bedford dresses we have seen. The creativity and style is so unique with each person, yet I want one of each. What a great week seeing these patterns come to life. Don't get too sad yet. We're taking this party into the weekend with one more day of dresses tomorrow. But let's not forget today's bloggers!

I initially 'met' Marta from DoGuincho on STYLO magazine where she made dozens of covered buttons for her daughters' dresses. I knew instantly I liked her because of her attention to small details. Her style rocks and I know this because I would have chosen this exact fabric and colors for my next Bedford if she didn't already beat me to it. She's an incredible talent and I'm so excited she's here today.

Henry dress by Edith and Eloise

I'm pretty sure if Angie from Edith and Eloise lived in my time zone we would be good friends. We've surmised we live substantially different lives but we share the same love for making, fabric, simple and thoughtful style. I'm really glad we met when she won Flip This Pattern this spring and I hope our friendship continues. Everything she makes could be on a runway (including her daughter) and she made not one, but two Henry dresses which showcase two completely different looks. Keep her in your blog feed. You won't regret it.

Tomorrow's our last day on the tour where I'll be taking a spin along with the very cool My Sweet Sunshine Studio. Til then, the coupon code is still on for 20% everything in the store: SUMMERFUN15. Enjoy your weekend!

Mom of Marlee and Sewing with Kate

Today is a real treat on the blog tour. Both of these bloggers are relatively new on the sewing blog scene but have so much amazing talent between the two of them. Sewing with Kate and Mom of Marlee have a really solid sense of who they are and their sewing blogs really capture that style. I'm so excited to see where both of their blogs go. And I'm even more excited they agreed to join the Henry & Bedford blog tour.

When Jessamin of Mom of Marlee sent me her photos after testing the Bedford dress I definitely uttered an expletive. Her photos are stunning. If it weren't for the blazing heat, I'd want to move to Texas right now. She's make it look so gorgeous! Between Marlee's ultra cool braid and that lovely Nani Iro fabric, I was smitten with this dress (and blogger). I love everything about Jessamin's style and vision. She's definitely a blog you need to watch.

There are two things I immediately loved about Kate when she reached out to me. A) she lives in Manly Beach, a beautiful beach north of Sydney, Australia, and it just happens I've been there (and loved it). B) She has made two (now three) of the coolest dresses with an upcycled lobster fabric that is too much fun. Her blog is a mix of mostly personal clothes and boys clothes, and her style is really fun and well, beachy! Not only did she eagerly agree to do the blog tour, she made THREE dresses!! Each of them cool and funky in their own way.

Is it already Thursday? Just two more days left on our blog tour but a full week to use the 20% off coupon code: SUMMERFUN15 on everything in the store. Tomorrow takes us over to Edith and Eloise and DoGuincho. See you there!

Made by Sara and In a Manner of Sewing

Welcome back for day three of the Henry & Bedford tour. And just by coincidence we are touring by country and today we land in Portugal. I've never been but I am making fast friends with the sewing elite and may just need a 'work trip' to Lisbon. Who's with me? Hungie Gungie?

Made by Sara kicks it off with her Henry dress. I am so grateful to Sara for her support this past year. She took a chance on me with the Franklin tour, tested the Henry dress and has been invaluable with the behind the scenes info on our sewing community. She's a prolific seamstress who always chooses just the right fabric for her projects. I love referring to her blog for ideas and pattern inspiration. She does it all!

I didn't know Andreia of In a Manner of Sewing before this tour, but I definitely knew her blog. She has a personal style that I really admire and a little girl who gets all the best clothes. She rocked it with the Bedford dress and made not one, but two dresses. Both are equally adorable and unique. I can't get enough of that flamingo fabric. Too cute! I'm so thankful she's on the tour with us.

Olá to my newest Portuguese sewers! So happy to have you join us. Next we keep on racking up the miles by heading to Australia for Sewing with Kate and Texas for Mom of Marlee. Two blogs you'll love to check out!

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Dobbin's Bobbins and As it Seams

Day two on the Henry & Bedford blog tour takes us across the pond to our British neighbors. Both these talented dressmakers have been huge supporters of Brooklyn Pattern Company and have gone above and beyond. I'm so excited to share their dresses and blogs.

I am so thankful that Becki from Dobbin's Bobbins responded to my Henry dress tester query a few months back. She is not only hugely creative, but she has a real interest in fashion history, a love of mine as well. Her blog has a great mix of vintage textiles, historical tidbits and expert sewing. She went above and beyond for Kid's Clothes Week this year and made a phenomenal Henry dress.. I predict big things from her!

Our second stop for today's British invasion is Victoria from As it Seams. She caught my eye last year with this lovely version of the Franklin dress. I'm so happy she joined the tour and made this simple and sassy Bedford dress. Can you believe this is an IKEA sheet? Upcycling at its best! I love the added bit of trim to finish off the hem. Victoria always has a great eye for details which is why I keep coming back for more.

Thank you to these two fantastic bloggers for today's stop on the blog tour. Tomorrow is a quick flight to Portugal to see Made by Sara and In a Manner of Sewing. I didn't plan it this way but I like that we're being efficient in our travel. Thanks for following along!

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Sanae Ishida and S is for Sewing kick off our tour!

I have been so excited for this day to come. It's like Christmas morning waiting to unwrap the gifts under the tree. I love this moment in the pattern process where you send your baby out into the world and wait to see how it comes back. Our line up of bloggers will not disappoint. One day in and I'm over the moon with their dresses.

First up on our tour is a dressmaker and artist who I'm totally smitten with. Every time Sanae Ishida agrees to make one of my dresses I do a little happy dance of joy as if I've won the lottery. She is so dang talented it kills me. When she sent me a preview of her dress I literally swooned. I wish I could get into her mind. She is brilliant. Sanae Ishida is not only an ace seamstress, but a published author as well of the fantastic book Little Kunoichi. A book that is in heavy rotation in our house due to the bad ass main character in purple. I'm so thankful she agreed to make the Henry dress and made it with her gorgeous precision like she does every single dress she makes.

Second up on our tour is Ana Sofia from S is for Sewing. Not only was she a fantastic guest host for my Flip this Pattern but she also tested the Bedford for me. I've only recently gotten to know her but she is so sweet and generous with her time. She is a talented seamstress with a simple and modern aesthetic, much like my own. She loves small prints, solid colors and modest ruffles. Everything I love too! Check out her blog where she has an affinity for Japanese sewing books. I'm so happy she could help kick this week off!

I hope you'll join us every day on the tour. We'll be spanning the globe from here to Australia and back. I'm so excited for this group of dressmakers. Each woman has their own unique perspective and brings that style to their dresses. Tomorrow gives us a double header from our British neighbors, Dobbins Bobbins and As it Seams.

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Portside Travel duffel bag

Now that the Bedford dress and Henry dress are finally out it's time to take a little vacation. I figured if I'm packing my bags then they better be awesome. My bathing suit deserves only the best.

Portside Travel bag

I've been eyeing Grainline Studio's Portside Travel set for a while now waiting for the right fabric to come along. Lucky for me Cloud9 Fabrics just released a new line of canvas by Eloise Renouf and it is fantastic. Wonderful colors and patterns in cotton and canvas. The only problem was choosing the perfect print from her First Light collection.

Portside travel strap

I mixed the Turquoise Nimbus canvas with a solid grey since those two colors are one of my favorite combinations. I went on a crazy hunt for matching grey cotton webbing in NYC and almost drove myself nuts. And to no avail! I then tried to dye white webbing to match. My friend Casey can verify that was also a complete disaster. Finally I realized I already had the answer at home. My neighbor had given me a remnant of leather from the Frye leather department where she works. Oh wow! This stuff is beautiful and finishes the bag perfectly. The combo of colors and dark leather makes this a perfect bag for me.

Portside travel bag

I'm really loving some of the details of this pattern. While I haven't actually made the shoulder strap yet, I really like the attachment piece. And I have to admit, up until I put the bottom on I was skeptical of the size. But this bag is big. I'm a pretty light packer and I'm fairly sure I could get a week of clothes in here. It's a sizable bag.

Portside travel zipper

Grainline Studio patterns are really well done and quite easy to follow. I've got the Archer shirt ready for my fall sewing agenda and I imagine it will be a satisfying make.

Portside travel lining

Wait! I feel like I buried the lead. Check out my lining! It's Spring Woodland, also from Eloise Renouf's First Light collection. It's super bold and a great surprise every time I open the bag. In fact all the cottons are pretty in this line. The prints range from bold like this one to super soft pinks and yellows that would be perfect for a baby blanket.

I've got ten days until we head to the beach and I can't wait! I've got a little more fabric so I may be doing some last minute sewing before we leave. This fabric is too cute to waste even the scraps. Thanks for reading along!

Kid's Clothes Week: Traveling

It's been a long time since I sat at my sewing machine. Designing sewing patterns is a blast but there's a lot more clerical work than I expected. I've been attached to my computer for weeks getting ready to release the Bedford and Henry dresses and my sewing machine has sat lonely in the other room.

And so to my delight Kid's Clothes Week was back and I had just enough time to put together this little number for Curly Sue. Confession: I bought this Birch Fabric's Charley Harper print for the last challenge and it didn't arrive in time. But I love it so much!! So this year's traveling theme for me is Antartica or Bust!

Penguin dress KCW

Since I pulled out my serger a few months ago, I've been all about knit fabrics. And then I got a double needle for my Bernina and you'd think I had discovered gold in my backyard. Life changing!! I'm really proud of this dress. It has that professional feel. Binding, serging, pattern matching. I've got my sewing mojo back!

Penguin dress back KCW

Curly Sue has two knit dresses that I really like. One is from American Apparel and the other from H&M. They are both simple tank dresses with full skirts. I found the happy medium of the two and drafted the pattern while watching Orange is the New Black (love!) When I make another one (and I definitely will!), I'll scoop out the armhole a little more and take a nip off the center front to keep it from gapping. Otherwise, this pattern is a keeper. I really liked the result of the binding on the neck and armholes. The contrasting solid gives it a really polished feel.

Penguin dress trim KCW

I intended for the penguins to match up across the side seams, but I didn't know they'd be kissing at the hem! This is one of my favorite parts of the dress. No one will ever notice but me but it's a sweet little bonus to this adorable fabric. I really love the Charley Harper knits. I think I'll be moving on to the flamingos next.

Penguins kissing KCW

Most importantly Curly Sue loves it. She wanted to wear it to bed which is a sure sign of success. It's super comfortable, easy to wash and will grow with her through the winter with tights and a sweater.

Penguin dress side

It felt so good to be back at my machine. And I really love participating in Kid's Clothes Week and seeing all the wonderful projects from around the world. Look for a lot more projects from me this summer as I take a break from pattern making and get back to what I really love doing most- sewing!