Kicking it off with Girl Like the Sea

Well here we go!

I'm so excited to kick off the first leg of the Franklin dress blog tour with Tara, the fun and creative mind from Girl Like the Sea.  

Girl Like the Sea

Her daughter Clover is the sweetest of models, even in the grumpiest of moods. And that skirt fabric. I love it! Her two-tone dress is not only a lovely combination, but great inspiration if you don't have quite enough fabric for one full dress. Mixing two fabrics can result in a unique and sweet creation. And Tara's sleeve alteration shows how easy it is to adapt to your daughter's needs while staying true to the essence of the pattern. 

I always love reading Girl Like the Sea because of Tara's thoroughness with every pattern she reviews. She obviously knows what she's doing and is trusted by her readers for good reason. Her honesty about her experience making the Franklin dress makes me a better patternmaker. 

Tomorrow finds us whisking away to A Lemon Squeezy Home. Come join us there!