Franklin dress Sew Along Day 4: Pockets

I am one of those people who doesn't know what to do with my hands. I'm very awkward in that way. In pictures, my hands always hang limp or are on my hip in a weird way. That's why I love pockets. They are my escape from the uncomfortable. And that's why I'm committed to putting pockets into all of my dresses for that little girl who can't stop fidgeting. I'm here for you.

These in-seam pockets are quite easy so it won't take up too much time in your day. The secret is accuracy. Those little dots are there for a reason. And that's to make good pockets.

Start off by getting your four pockets and front and back dress pieces ready. You'll pin two pockets on the front of the dress and two on the back. Starting with the front, pin one pocket to the dress side being very careful to match the dots up. In fact, put a pin into the dot to secure it.

Franklin dress Sew Along pocket pin Day 4

Stitch from top dot to bottom dot starting and stopping precisely at the dot. Backstitching carefully to secure the stitch.

Franklin dress Sew Along pocket stitch Day 4

Take your dress piece to the ironing board and flip it to the wrong side facing up. Press the seam towards the dress body only where you stitched.

Franklin dress Sew Along press pocket Day 4
Franklin dress Sew Along pocket iron Day 4

Stitch and press the other three pockets the exact same way so that you have 2 pockets stitched and pressed on the front side and 2 pockets stitched and pressed on the back side. We're getting there!

Place the front of the dress on top of the back of the dress with right sides together, lining up the side seams but don't pin them yet. Put a pin through the dot from the front to the back of the dress on each pocket. The pockets should lay exactly on top of one another. Pin around the edge of the pocket and get ready to stitch.

Franklin dress Sew Along pin pocket Day 4

Stitch around the pocket 1/2" from the edge, starting and stopping exactly at the dot. We're still being precise here. It matters! Then to secure the pockets so no coins or rocks fall out, stitch the pockets again 1/4" from the edge. Stop right above the dots on both ends so as not to stitch into the dress seam allowance.

Franklin dress Sew Along stitch pocket bag Day 4

Pink the edges of the pockets before proceeding. Press the dress and pocket seam allowances back towards the pocket bag.

Franklin dress Sew Along press pocket bags Day 4

Now pin your side seams together above and below the pocket. Stitch from the top of the dress side seam down to the dot. You'll know where to stop because it's where the pocket stitching starts. Back stitch and cut your thread. Start again at the bottom of the pocket bag and stitch down to the hem. Pink your side seams when you're done stitching.

Franklin dress Sew Along side seams Day 4

Your pockets are in. That was fast! Last thing to do is press open the side seams above and below the pocket. Press the pocket towards the front of the dress.

Franklin dress Sew Along press open side seams Day 4

And just like that, you're done for the day. Tomorrow is the yoke which is probably the trickiest part of the dress. Leave a little extra time to get it right and we'll be half way done with our sew along.