Franklin dress Sew Along Day 7: Attaching sleeves

Wow. We are so close. So close. So exciting! Today we will finish up the last big part of the Franklin dress before hemming. We'll be setting in the sleeves. With some precise pinning, this should go quite quick.

Do you remember where you put down your set of sleeves from day 3? Now's a good time to find them because they are going in right now.

Pick up your dress and we'll get it going. The sleeves are identical so it doesn't matter which sleeve you start with. Pick an armhole and a sleeve and let's start.

With right sides together, match the edge of the sleeve seam to the edge of the dress underarm seam. Secure it with a pin.

Franklin dress Sew Along underarm pin Day 7

Continue to pin the sleeve flat to the armhole from the underarm seam up to each sleeve notch. Again with right sides together, match the top sleeve notch to the shoulder seam.

Franklin dress Sew Along pin notch Day 7

Pull the gathering stitches evenly on each side so the sleeve gathers flat to the armhole. Pin along the gathering line so that you'll have a much easier time stitching the sleeve in.

Franklin dress Sew Along sleeve gathering Day 7

Starting at the underarm, slowly stitch around the armhole. After taking your pins out, stitch again 1/4" towards the edge to reinforce the sleeve. Pink or serge along the edge to finish it off. Repeat with the other sleeve.

Franklin dress Sew Along armhole stitching Day 7

And that's it! Your dress is wearable and ready to fit. Tomorrow we'll be hemming the dress and taking a look at one of my favorite little models strutting her stuff in the Franklin dress.