Franklin dress Sew Along Day 8: Hemming

We made it! We have come to the end of the Franklin dress Sew Along. And if all has gone accordingly, then you have a sweet little dress ready for holiday dinner. This has been such a fun two weeks and I hope you had a great time following along with us. I had a lot of fun making and photographing this version of the Franklin dress. And this little lady had a blast wearing our Sew Along dress.

Franklin dress Sew Along miss S Day 8

But before we get to the action shots we have to finish the hem. The final step! This is the time where you can bring in your lovely model and have her try the dress on. One of the nice things about the Franklin dress is it has room to grow. It can easily transform into a tunic over time. Check out Sanae Ishida's tunic version here. So if your little girl has sprouted up over the last week you can still enjoy a tunic and leggings.

The easiest way to fit your model is to quickly turn up the hem and safety pin it up. Try it on your model and make sure the length is good. Ideally, you want to the hem to hit right at the knees. It's sewers choice so if you want to go shorter, just place a safety pin where the hem should go up. Or if you want it to go long, take out the hem you have safety pinned in and see how you like that length. Once you've decided where the hem should be, it's time to finish up.

The pattern includes 2" of seam allowance in the hem. So we'll start by turning the hem up 1".

Franklin dress Sew Along hem Day 8

Measure 1" with your ruler and press the hem with your iron. Repeat.

Franklin dress Sew Along hem iron Day 8

Measure up another 1" and press again. Pin the hem up and get ready to stitch.

Franklin dress Sew Along hem pin Day 8

Stitch along the top edge of the hem. Press it flat.

You're done!!!!!

Franklin dress Sew Along finished hem Day 8

Congratulations you have completed the Franklin dress pattern and made a beautiful dress that your little one will love to wear.

I really hope you enjoyed this pattern and that the Sew Along was a huge help in getting you to this point.

In the meantime, we couldn't just put this dress in the closet. We invited one of my favorite little ladies, Miss S., to road test the dress at the New York Botanical Garden's Holiday Train Show.

Franklin dress Sew Along Miss S Day 8

I've known Miss S since she was just a sparkle in her mom's eye and she embraces the spirit of the Brooklyn babe. She can navigate this city with her eyes closed and she has absolutely no problem getting dirty in her Sunday best. Her mom is one of my closest friends and another pattern maker extraordinaire.

Franklin dress Sew Along Miss S roses Day 8

If you're ever in NYC during the holidays you can't miss the Holiday Train Show. It is eye candy for the young and old. Model trains moving through the garden's conservatory, creating an enchanted experience. It's so fun to watch little kids run through the gardens watching the trains zip through dozens of iconic NY buildings made from natural materials. I love it!

I couldn't resist Miss S. hamming it up for the camera. This picture perfectly captures her spirit and the dress.

Franklin dress Sew Along Miss S ham Day 8

Thank you so much for joining me these last two weeks. I hope you are thrilled with your dress. I also hope your turkey isn't dry and your pumpkin pie is delicious. Happy Turkey day.