STYLO: All about the boy

In our final installment of STYLO love, I'll talk a bit about our boy outfit. Up until recently I hadn't been sewing that much for my boy but now that we've found a few go-to patterns and the introduction of a serger, the kid's developing a pretty rad wardrobe.

I really wanted to add a boy to my STYLO mix but wanted to keep the Alison Glass handcrafted fabric subtle since it was a busy print. I used it sparingly in a few places so he coordinated nicely but didn't overpower the dress (my main focus).

I did most of my fabric shopping at Mood Fabrics because they have an enormous selection of knits and denim, both of which i needed for this look. My little man LOVES the color purple so it only made sense to make him a purple shirt and the turquoise pants were a nice pop of color next to the dress.

I used the Clean Slate Shorts pattern from Blank Slate Patterns because I wanted a slim cut short with slanted pockets that would show off the fabric. I added belt loops and opted to put darts in the back instead of elastic since I wanted a more grown-up cut for my dude. There is something intensely satisfying about sewing tailored shorts. Taking the time to carefully put in a fly zipper is a cathartic experience. So many times I'm just whipping through dresses with my eyes closed. These shorts were a labor of love and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The belt is a quick make just using a strip of the African wax print to tie it all together. I bought a pair of D-rings from M&J Trimming and just stitched a long 1 1/4" wide belt.

Oh, and the tattoos! Tattly is an awesome temporary tattoo shop.  Started by Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swiss Miss, she wanted an alternative to the cheesy tattoos her kids were bringing home from birthday parties. So she reached out to her graphic design friends (she has a lot!) and started Tattly. There are so many to choose from and they are for kids and adults alike. We have a stash for special occasions.

The shirt is Figgy's Banyan tee. I liked the slimmer neckline (hidden under the bandana) and the slim cut. The fabric is tissue knit which means thin and hard to work with. But it didn't curl on the edges nearly as much as I thought making this a pretty quick shirt.

The bandana was an easy 15" x 15" square with hemmed edges. It completed my Brooklyn vibe along with the hip hair cut and funky Native shoes. Every part of this outfit has been worn repeatedly which is a sure sign that he likes it!

I think that just about wraps up our STYLO re-cap. Kind of sad to be done with it because it was such a phenomenal experience. But patterns are coming! Patterns are coming! So I've got to keep it moving. So long!