Introducing: The Bedford Dress

It's here! It's here! The Bedford dress has arrived to complete our summer patterns. I'm so excited for this one! It's a fun and gratifying dress with simple lines and a dramatic back. It's a tank dress with a little attitude. I'll be making a lot of these this summer!

My favorite thing by far about the Bedford dress is the exposed zipper. It's not only functional but it adds a really cool design element to an otherwise sleek a-line dress. It keeps you cool on those hot summer days, the ones we're having right now. Just don't forget to put suntan lotion on her shoulder blades!

Did I mention this pattern is also a top? We've added a separate pattern for the top so you can wear it with shorts or a skirt. Not every girl wants (or needs) a dress and we've given you the option to add some versatility to her wardrobe.

A small but not to be overlooked detail is the shirt hem. It's subtle but unique. It makes the dress more than just a tank dress. Details like this are what give a handmade dress a special touch. It takes a little extra time but pays off in the form of memorable dress.

Why Bedford? If you haven't figured it out yet, our patterns are named after the prominent streets in Brooklyn neighborhoods. Bedford Avenue is the main street through Williamsburg, the artist enclave of Brooklyn, and a major inspiration for my designs. The mood is whatever goes and on any given day you can see fashion that ranges from couture to grunge and everything in between. But the common thread is comfort and fun, seen especially in the young artists. The Bedford dress encapsulates that attitude of freedom and individuality.

Do me a favor, get crazy with the zipper! I love that a little contrast goes a long way and even a subdued solid color can have some pop in the back with a contrasting zipper. It's small but it packs a big punch. I guarantee people will notice.

My goal this season was to introduce two patterns for two different types of girls. The Bedford dress is for running fast through a field and the Henry dress is for taking a moment to pick the dandelions and blow the seeds. I hope you find one that suits your little lady's personality.

I am so thankful for all the wonderful feedback and excitement surrounding our new patterns. Your support and kind words put a huge smile on my face and keep the spirit of Brooklyn Pattern Company going.

Stay tuned for an exciting blog tour in a few weeks where we will tour the world from Australia to Portugal to England and back. I'm so excited to see how these dresses take shape in the hands of so many talented makers. Until then, enjoy your summer sewing!