Portside Travel duffel bag

Now that the Bedford dress and Henry dress are finally out it's time to take a little vacation. I figured if I'm packing my bags then they better be awesome. My bathing suit deserves only the best.

Portside Travel bag

I've been eyeing Grainline Studio's Portside Travel set for a while now waiting for the right fabric to come along. Lucky for me Cloud9 Fabrics just released a new line of canvas by Eloise Renouf and it is fantastic. Wonderful colors and patterns in cotton and canvas. The only problem was choosing the perfect print from her First Light collection.

Portside travel strap

I mixed the Turquoise Nimbus canvas with a solid grey since those two colors are one of my favorite combinations. I went on a crazy hunt for matching grey cotton webbing in NYC and almost drove myself nuts. And to no avail! I then tried to dye white webbing to match. My friend Casey can verify that was also a complete disaster. Finally I realized I already had the answer at home. My neighbor had given me a remnant of leather from the Frye leather department where she works. Oh wow! This stuff is beautiful and finishes the bag perfectly. The combo of colors and dark leather makes this a perfect bag for me.

Portside travel bag

I'm really loving some of the details of this pattern. While I haven't actually made the shoulder strap yet, I really like the attachment piece. And I have to admit, up until I put the bottom on I was skeptical of the size. But this bag is big. I'm a pretty light packer and I'm fairly sure I could get a week of clothes in here. It's a sizable bag.

Portside travel zipper

Grainline Studio patterns are really well done and quite easy to follow. I've got the Archer shirt ready for my fall sewing agenda and I imagine it will be a satisfying make.

Portside travel lining

Wait! I feel like I buried the lead. Check out my lining! It's Spring Woodland, also from Eloise Renouf's First Light collection. It's super bold and a great surprise every time I open the bag. In fact all the cottons are pretty in this line. The prints range from bold like this one to super soft pinks and yellows that would be perfect for a baby blanket.

I've got ten days until we head to the beach and I can't wait! I've got a little more fabric so I may be doing some last minute sewing before we leave. This fabric is too cute to waste even the scraps. Thanks for reading along!