Sanae Ishida and S is for Sewing kick off our tour!

I have been so excited for this day to come. It's like Christmas morning waiting to unwrap the gifts under the tree. I love this moment in the pattern process where you send your baby out into the world and wait to see how it comes back. Our line up of bloggers will not disappoint. One day in and I'm over the moon with their dresses.

First up on our tour is a dressmaker and artist who I'm totally smitten with. Every time Sanae Ishida agrees to make one of my dresses I do a little happy dance of joy as if I've won the lottery. She is so dang talented it kills me. When she sent me a preview of her dress I literally swooned. I wish I could get into her mind. She is brilliant. Sanae Ishida is not only an ace seamstress, but a published author as well of the fantastic book Little Kunoichi. A book that is in heavy rotation in our house due to the bad ass main character in purple. I'm so thankful she agreed to make the Henry dress and made it with her gorgeous precision like she does every single dress she makes.

Second up on our tour is Ana Sofia from S is for Sewing. Not only was she a fantastic guest host for my Flip this Pattern but she also tested the Bedford for me. I've only recently gotten to know her but she is so sweet and generous with her time. She is a talented seamstress with a simple and modern aesthetic, much like my own. She loves small prints, solid colors and modest ruffles. Everything I love too! Check out her blog where she has an affinity for Japanese sewing books. I'm so happy she could help kick this week off!

I hope you'll join us every day on the tour. We'll be spanning the globe from here to Australia and back. I'm so excited for this group of dressmakers. Each woman has their own unique perspective and brings that style to their dresses. Tomorrow gives us a double header from our British neighbors, Dobbins Bobbins and As it Seams.

And how could I forget! During the run of the tour, the whole shop is 20% off with the coupon code: SUMMERFUN15. Go now!