DoGuincho and Edith and Eloise

Is it Friday already?! I can't believe how fast the week has gone and how many amazing Henry and Bedford dresses we have seen. The creativity and style is so unique with each person, yet I want one of each. What a great week seeing these patterns come to life. Don't get too sad yet. We're taking this party into the weekend with one more day of dresses tomorrow. But let's not forget today's bloggers!

I initially 'met' Marta from DoGuincho on STYLO magazine where she made dozens of covered buttons for her daughters' dresses. I knew instantly I liked her because of her attention to small details. Her style rocks and I know this because I would have chosen this exact fabric and colors for my next Bedford if she didn't already beat me to it. She's an incredible talent and I'm so excited she's here today.

Henry dress by Edith and Eloise

I'm pretty sure if Angie from Edith and Eloise lived in my time zone we would be good friends. We've surmised we live substantially different lives but we share the same love for making, fabric, simple and thoughtful style. I'm really glad we met when she won Flip This Pattern this spring and I hope our friendship continues. Everything she makes could be on a runway (including her daughter) and she made not one, but two Henry dresses which showcase two completely different looks. Keep her in your blog feed. You won't regret it.

Tomorrow's our last day on the tour where I'll be taking a spin along with the very cool My Sweet Sunshine Studio. Til then, the coupon code is still on for 20% everything in the store: SUMMERFUN15. Enjoy your weekend!