Mom of Marlee and Sewing with Kate

Today is a real treat on the blog tour. Both of these bloggers are relatively new on the sewing blog scene but have so much amazing talent between the two of them. Sewing with Kate and Mom of Marlee have a really solid sense of who they are and their sewing blogs really capture that style. I'm so excited to see where both of their blogs go. And I'm even more excited they agreed to join the Henry & Bedford blog tour.

When Jessamin of Mom of Marlee sent me her photos after testing the Bedford dress I definitely uttered an expletive. Her photos are stunning. If it weren't for the blazing heat, I'd want to move to Texas right now. She's make it look so gorgeous! Between Marlee's ultra cool braid and that lovely Nani Iro fabric, I was smitten with this dress (and blogger). I love everything about Jessamin's style and vision. She's definitely a blog you need to watch.

There are two things I immediately loved about Kate when she reached out to me. A) she lives in Manly Beach, a beautiful beach north of Sydney, Australia, and it just happens I've been there (and loved it). B) She has made two (now three) of the coolest dresses with an upcycled lobster fabric that is too much fun. Her blog is a mix of mostly personal clothes and boys clothes, and her style is really fun and well, beachy! Not only did she eagerly agree to do the blog tour, she made THREE dresses!! Each of them cool and funky in their own way.

Is it already Thursday? Just two more days left on our blog tour but a full week to use the 20% off coupon code: SUMMERFUN15 on everything in the store. Tomorrow takes us over to Edith and Eloise and DoGuincho. See you there!