Hawthorne Threads Forest Fables Blog Hop

I've been thinking about making the Franklin dress into a nightgown for a while now. So when Lindsay of Hawthorne Threads asked me to participate in the Forest Fables blog hop I thought this would be a perfect opportunity. And of course my sleeping beauty would need a fancy new hippo to cuddle with her. So I got the chance to try out a few new fabrics from Forest Fables.

I met Lindsay and her sidekick Meaghan at Camp Workroom Social and was lucky enough to view all their fabric collections at a trunk show. Besides being an online fabric store, they also design and sell their own collections of digitally printed fabric. They have a beautiful aestethic and an eye for soft and modern color schemes. Something I gravitate to.

And I'm completely intrigued by the concept of digital printing and wanted to get my hands on some to see how it looks, washes and feels. Spoiler alert: It's great! They print all the fabric on demand in their shop which means it will never go out of print. They print only as much is ordered so they don't have to hold inventory. And because it's digital, the fabric designs can be very detailed in ways I haven't seen before.

The Forest Fables collection offers a color palette I'm really drawn to. I love the colors indigo and gold and they look fantastic together here. The design on my fabric is a whimsical mix of swans and foxes. It's really sweet and sassy for my Curly Sue.

When the fabric first arrives, it's a bit stiff from the combination of printing and the high thread count of the fabric. Hawthorne Threads encourages you to wash the fabric which I did and it greatly improves the flow of the fabric. And I was really happy to see that the color didn't fade one bit on a hot wash and dry cycle.

I really like how the Franklin dress can double as a nightgown. I lenghtened the sleeves to Curly Sue's wrists and opted not to use elastic so it wouldn't bother her arms as she slept. It's loose around the neck and right below the knees which makes a comfortable and easy nightdress. Plus she can throw on leggings when she wakes up and go straight to the playground. I wish my wardrobe was that easy!

Curly Sue has not let go of Henrietta Hippo since she first set eyes on her. In fact, she was quite adept at stuffing her. I just sat her down with a big bag of poly-fill and she meticulously stuffed each appendage and body. This pattern by Lucy Blaire is adorable and really easy to make. I definitely see some Henrietta baby gifts in the future.

I'm kicking off a week of fabulous bloggers having fun with this great new fabric as part of the Hawthorne Threads Forest Fables Blog Hop. Follow these lovely ladies and check out all the great ways to use this fabric.

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Friday, December 11th - Hawthorne Threads

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who read the blog and commented about their holiday plans. So much cookie making and family hugging. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday!

The winner of the Forest Fables giveaway is Erin from My Patchwork Life. Congrats Erin and enjoy!!

I buried the lead! There is a big giveaway. I'm giving away a fat quarter bundle of Forest Fables in the Glade color scheme. That's a lot of fabric! All you have to do is leave a comment! Tell me where you're spending the holidays and you're entered. That's it! On Monday, December 14, I'll pick one winner. Good Luck!