The Imprint knit dress

After a fun but crazy spring, I decided to take a break and do what I love most: patterning and sewing. I've been messing around with new fabrics and old patterns and having fun just sewing for me and my little lady. This is just a short post about a dress pattern I've been tweaking to find the perfect dress for my girl.

Imprint knit dress

A few months back I drafted a basic knit dress for Curly Sue for Kid's Clothes Week. I combined an H&M dress and an American Apparel dress trying to find my perfect dress. And I did pretty well. I loved how the dress turned out with its great fabric and gathered skirt but ultimately I think the top was just a tad too big.

KCW Penguin dress

I couldn't let it alone so I tried again with this new dress. I saw this new knit fabric by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics and I was immediately smitten. I love the rich tones and the abstract print of her Imprint collection and I totally impulse bought from Imagine Gnats. No regrets. It's as fun as I had hoped it would be. The knit is a little more lightweight than the Penguin dress but just as easy to work with.

Imprint knit dress flowers

I left the skirt as is because it was the perfect length and fullness. No complaints. I slimmed out the top by taking a 1/4" off the center front seam which then brought the shoulders in a nip. I also raised the neckline by a 1/2" because it felt like it was gaping a bit on the Penguin dress. Overall I'm happy with the alterations but it now might be a tad too tight now. Never satisfied!

Imprint knit dress

I also scooped out the back armhole by 1/4" so I could show a little more shoulder. I love a racerback dress and this is nowhere near that now but I imagine version 7 will probably just be a knit Bedford dress.

Imprint knit dress

I really like the dark trim outlining the dress so I used the same navy knit to trim out the neck and armholes for a professional finish. I changed out the double needle stitch for a simple zig zag on this dress because it was a little easier and frankly, my machine was being tempermental. It's good to know that both look good and are easily interchangable.

Imprint knit dress

Overall I love this dress. And so does Curly Sue. Anything that moves great and washes well is a win in my book. She played all evening in the dress and once the photos were over she promptly joined a mud pie pit for a Sunday evening slosh fest. Oh how I love this girl.

Does the idea of drafting and tweaking your own dresses sound fun to you?! I'll be teaching a class next fall that will make you so happy. It's a 2 day intensive course in the Catskill Mountains. At Camp Workroom Social you'll be surrounded by nature, fellow sewing geeks and a who's who of sewing experts-Christine Haynes, Jen from Grainline Studio, Fleur of Maison Fleur, Sonja of Ginger Makes, Heather of Closet Case Files-just to name a few. We'll delve into the details of high end sewing, making a dress, the Hudson pants and learning how to draft patterns like a pro, all for the kids in your life. Come join me!