The Josie Dress and Contours- A combination that was meant to be

Oh man, winter has officially arrived in Brooklyn. It is cold, and all it has me thinking about is warmer climates. Every year we hem and haw about how we should have booked a vacation in the dead of winter, and this year we did! It's one month and counting until we head to Florida and I'm all in on some fun dresses.

I've been holding on to this fabric from P&B Textiles for a few months now. When I first saw the full Contours line last fall, I really fell in love with the colors. I've been trying to be more mindful about the clothes I make and working towards a uniform vs. just sewing to sew. I'm a big fan of grey so a lot of the clothes you'll be seeing will have a grey tone to it. This is my fun version of a grey dress. This print is great!

About a month ago Christine Haynes released a set of patterns with Sew News and it was just the warm weather dress I had been waiting for. She'd been hinting at some new patterns with cute pictures for a while and I was crossing my fingers for either the perfect sheath dress or a fun sundress. Ask and you shall receive. This Josie Sundress is exactly what I wanted. And there are pockets. Pockets!!

I love these unique bust darts. I'm small busted (A-/B+) so a small dart works well for me. And the box pleat at center front is a nice design feature that gives the dress a lot of movement without adding too much fullness. I followed the size chart religiously and the dress fit perfect. Literally no changes. Thanks Christine!

I usually don't do muslins but I've been busted recently with some ill-fitting garments that ended up in the back of the closet. These darts were just different enough that I made up a quick top that I could baste to the pleated skirt. Of course it fit perfectly, but I guess that's Murphy's law. It did give me the confidence to go full steam and finish the dress knowing that I would love it on (and I do!) I also wore a black bra so I could determine if the neckline was too wide (it wasn't).

I'm a bit skiddish on invisible zippers mostly because I never put them in. But I bought a invisible zipper foot over the break and it worked like a charm (duh!). This was my first pass so I'm feeling pretty good about it going in and the waistline lining up. I highly recommend purchasing an invisible zipper. It will save you from hours of seam ripping and cursing.

Here's a quick side view if you were wondering. Even though there are several big pleats, it's not a bulky skirt. It's quite slimming.

This is how cold it is. FREEZING! I hid it well. My little dude kept on trying to sneak into the pictures. There was no time for games.

There's a giveaway!! I'm super excited to give away 3 yards of the light grey version of my dress. The colors of the Contours line are really lovely and can be used for so many things: dresses, nursery, quilts, pillows. I'm really a big fan. Click on rafflecopter to enter. The winner will be announced next Tuesday. Good Luck!

Editor's Note: This dress fabric was provided to me by P&B Textiles for free, but all opinions are my own.