The Flamingo Charlie Dress

This dress has been a long time coming since I spotted the flamingo fabric in an Instagram post. I've been waiting months for the newest collection of Charley Harper Maritime fabric from Birch Fabrics to arrive. I love the quilt market fabric previews but then we have to wait seasons for the fabric to arrive. It kills me. 

I've always been a big fan of the illustrator Charley Harper and his mid-century modern art. His art lends itself way to fabric design and I was quickly on board with Birch's first collection of fabrics. We're still getting a lot of wear out of our Penguin dress. And I probably should have splurged for the foxes. But I'm glad I held out for the flamingos because they are really as cute as I had hoped.

I love how this dress turned out. It is so simple yet so satisfying. And it just made cosmic sense to make a Charlie dress with Charley fabric. You'll be seeing more of this dress in the future. It lends well to bigger prints because of its long torso. Check out this awesome version my friends Hungie Gungie made a while back. Love it!

This is the first time I tried out Birch's double gauze fabric. After one wash it's not quite as soft as I expected but it actually makes the ruffle pop in a really cool way. I really dig the unexpected bounce of the skirt. It also inspires Curly Sue to spin in circles until she stumbles. That's always fun to watch.

Photo by  Jennifer Wiese

Confession: I cut this dress upside down the first go-around. I didn't notice until I was half way through that the birds were flying on their backs. Ugh. Could have done without that. Fortunately I overbought the fabric and was able to re-cut, but man, that was a 10 pm cutting flub.

Photo by  Jennifer Wiese

I love this rare picture of me and my little lady. Since I'm always behind the camera, I never catch these moments. I'm so thankful Jen did. She not only lent us the Workroom Social studio to hang out and shoot pictures, but she snuck around taking pictures of us taking pictures. She's a keeper. This is also a funny reminder of how different we look. Curly Sue obviously got the Irish genetics in our family.

Photo by  Jennifer Wiese

Pattern: The Charlie dress is designed by Mingo and Grace. It's a very easy pattern that went together fast. Instant satisfaction.

Fabric: Double Gauze flamingo fabric from Birch Fabrics' Charley Harper Maritime collection.

Modifications: My gal is an average 3 year old in height and weight. I cut a size 2 body with size 4 length. I wanted it to be a little more drop-waisted. I cut a size 3 ruffle to keep the length. I figured if it was too long, I could hem it shorter, although I didn't. I plan to make another Charlie next month for a wedding and I plan on cutting a size 18 month body with the other modifications staying the same.

Thanks for coming back after a bit of a blogging hiatus. Spring is inspiring us to get moving on some warm weather outfits so hopefully we'll be posting more.